4 Effective Reasons Why Your Child Needs to Learn at A Eco Nursery and Forest School

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Children are the most delicate beings but they can easily perceive basic skills in a short period of time through some good quality initial learning. And if we as parents want to induce these learning skills from an early stage, then what’s a better option than to introduce your kids to a well-known eco nursery and forest school? Well, it is seen that children respond well if their learning can be inter-mingled with the playful outdoor environment, establishing bonds with nature and developing multiple personal, social, technical and practical skills at the same time! For instance, the Portfield Farm Eco Nursery & Forest School in Redhill, Reigate and Horley offers the most beautiful learning experience to children giving them the complete guidance in the development, learning and growth.

Eco Nursery and Forest School

Here we have got more convincing reasons why your child should go to eco nursery and forest school:

  1. Holistic development beginning from an early age:

    The eco nursery and forest schools are meant to deliver the kids a comprehensive skill set required for the mental and physical growth of your child. The kids get to experience learn and play in a natural setting. Kids together get to establish bonding with the eco-lifestyle; and thereby develop social, practical and strategic skills alongside understanding the importance of nature and the green planet.
  2. Learning with different approaches:

    The modern-day schools are confined within a rigid learning structure where kids don’t tend to get much real-life experience. Whereas the eco nursery and forest schools encourage the kids to nurture curiosity and thereby get engaged in exploration and fun games. This develops their confidence, spatial awareness, motor development, coordination skills and much more. The multiple approaches to learning make them build resilience and both physically and mentally.
  3. Boosts physical benefits:

    Eco and forest schools also takes ample care towards physical development of kids. Fun games, picnics, and many such outdoor activities cater more interest in the physical well-being of the kids. Alongside developing fine motor skills and gross motor skills, kids also grow more strength and stamina, and the best part: everything under the sun!
  4. Nurtures mental growth:

    The mental growth is the foremost benefit that children achieves in the eco nursery and forest schools. They develop decision-making skills and learns to analyze risks and responsibilities as they learn outdoors. Also, along social skills, they grow the sense of being connected with the world.

At Portfield Farm Eco Nursery & Forest School in Redhill, Reigate and Horley the classes are modelled for every age groups up to pre-school that delivers all the aforementioned benefits, with all the learning and assessment closely monitored.

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