4 Games For Nursery Students Which Can Teach Them Vital Life Skills

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One of the main reasons why children love going to the nursery is that it is one of the places where they can simply race around with their friends or play their favourite game without worrying about their parents scolding. This is why parents are often greeted with laughter when they go to pick up their child from the nursery. Though the games they play are a medium through which they can have fun with their friends, it is a vital part of their early learning process. Children get more time to bond with their friends while burning off their excess energy.

Is Your Children Attending A Nursery In Reigate? Few Games To Help Them Learn Life Skills

  • Duck, Duck, Goose

If you are willing to sharpen the strategic thinking ability of your children, engage them in the Duck, Duck, Goose game. Let them all sit in a circle while one child walks around the circle tapping their head in turn and say ‘duck’. They will pick a child to be the ‘goose’ if they notice that he is not paying attention. The child has to occupy the goose’s place before he catches them. The primary objective of this game is to teach the children how to plan ahead and get immediate feedback.

  • Musical Chairs

This is one of the games which are liked by people of every age-group. Children who love playing musical chairs know how to handle disappointments, argue peacefully and practice with patience. Let them sit on chairs placed in the shape of a circle but make sure that the number of chairs is less than the number of children. Ask them to walk around the circle while music is being played and sit down when the music stops. Remove a chair before each round begins. The game teaches children to settle conflicts peacefully.

  • Row Your Boat

Almost every child attending a nursery in Reigate has enjoyed playing this game. You can prepare your children for later life by teaching them how to moderate their body. Self-awareness is one of the vital skills children can develop through the learning process and learning physical self-awareness is a must for children. The ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ game teaches children how to control their movements at all time. You can also incorporate a ‘freezing’ moment by stopping the music suddenly.

  • Hide And Seek

It is not only about Reigate but children from all over the world love playing the hide and seek game during their early school days. Since the focus of the children playing this game is to stay hidden for the maximum period of time, it becomes their responsibility to find a good hiding spot which helps in building spatial awareness in them. The more they play this game, the more they can learn how to take an in-depth assessment approach. Since you now know how the games nursery students play help them develop their life skills, it’s time you enrol your children in the best nursery.

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