5 Literacy Activities For Children Studying In A Preschool

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If you think that the basic advantage of engaging your children in various literacy activities is to teach them how to read, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Visit any renowned preschool and you will notice that the focus of the teachers is primarily on crafting more fun-filled literacy activities for the students. They are aware of the fact that literacy doesn’t develop in just one day. Not only should you make the children capable of reading and writing but also make them love it.

Enrolling Your Children In A Preschool In Reigate? 4 Literacy Activities For Them

  • Connecting-The-Dots

This literacy activity generally aims at making your children familiar with the letters. You can explore their creative side. Repeat various letters in random patterns and ask your children to join them any way they feel like. Just make sure that they can successfully connect all the letters (G with G and A with A). The more dots they connect, their writing skills will become more developed.

  • Discovery Bottle Activity

Visit any nursery in Reigate and you will notice that teachers are engaging the children in this literacy activity. This is primarily because this tool is quite affordable and customisable. Ask your students to keep on passing a bottle as you read out a story for them in the class. Not only does the bottle keep the students engaged but they also hear the story with more attention.

  • Crocodile Circle

Make a toy crocodile and fill his face with surprise cards and letters. Ask the students to sit in a circle and pass on the crocodile while they pull out a letter and call it out. Few preschools in Reigate also add some extra surprise cards with reverse direction or repeat a turn as it helps them to continue the fun.

  • Alphabet Knock Down

If your children love knocking down various things in your house, the Alphabet Knock Down is the best literacy activity for him. The basic purpose of the game is to help them identify various letters. You will just need some Popsicle sticks, letter stickers and a pool noodle. Give a ball to your child and check whether they can knock down a letter when you call it out.

  • Snowball Throw

The snowball throw game is quite interesting as children love throwing snowballs. You just need some ping-pong balls, tape, and paper. Stick some paper letters on the wall and ask your children to throw snowballs at them when you call out a specific letter. It is an opportunity for children to learn various alphabets and even improve their coordination skills. Since there are so many literacy activities to keep your child engaged in a preschool, it’s time you start looking for one in Reigate and your children will soon fall in love with reading and writing.

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