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If you want your children to develop both academic and social skills, it’s time you start looking for a reputed nursery. Enrol them at an early age and your children will become successful adults. They can discover their inborn talents early. The internet has become a vital learning tool nowadays which can harness their skills to grow academically and personally. They will exude confidence and have good interpersonal skills.

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Though there are so many benefits of enrolling your child in a nursery, there are still a few parents who have not started looking for the best nursery yet. This is primarily because of a few myths surrounding preschool teachers. Debunking those is a must if you want your children to reap all the social benefits offered by these professionals. Teachers discourage immoral behaviour and encourage children to behave positively.

3 Common Myths About Nursery Teachers In Reigate Have Been Debunked

  • “They Act As Babysitters”

You will be surprised to know that 90% of our brain develops between the ages of 0 to 5 years. Teachers know how to utilise the first 5 years of their life as a learning opportunity. Sitting upright is one of the few learning milestones. Only a teacher can develop the emotional, social, communication, physical and cognition skill of a child but not a babysitter. Just babysitting or watching children won’t make them capable of understanding society. It is not only about developing the skills of the children but also ensure that they are safe and happy.

  • “Teacher-Parent Partnership Is Not Important”

If you want to support children to the fullest of their potential, developing teacher-parent partnerships is a must. Communication between them is important as it helps them know how the child is doing at home and in school. In Reigate, a nursery is one of the places where both parents and teachers can get a more holistic picture of their child’s development. The partnership also helps children enjoy a more consistent learning which is quite beneficial for their development. Sometimes, children fall in love with the learning process.

  • “They Just Play With Children The Entire Day”

The needs of each child differ and it is the responsibility of a teacher to assess how they are growing and developing. The child to teacher ratio should be small if the children are young as they require more concentrated care. The learning requirements of each age group differ. Taking care of children is not only about playing with them the entire day. Teachers specialise in their task and know how to focus on one group. They work with children and try to engage them through play. Teachers even know how to involve children in the learning process. Since the common myths about preschool teachers have been debunked, it’s time you start looking for a reputed nursery where experienced teachers will look after the overall development of your children.

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