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If your child has just started exploring the world of school, this is the right time you introduce them to friendship and its importance. You will be surprised to know that some children are keen to go to school just because they want to spend more time with their classmates. A group of children belonging to different homes and cultures has so much new to share about themselves and their lifestyle. If you want your children to establish the type of friendship you had with your friends, you and their teachers can be their best mentors.

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4 Tips By Teachers In A Nursery To Help Children Make New Friends

  • Tell Them That Making Friends Takes Time

If your children are struggling to make new friends, let them know that the process takes some time, especially if they are willing to build a good friendship. The process is indeed a bit tough for children who have to change cities frequently due to their parent’s job. You should also teach your children to start talking with their classmates who feel shy making the first move. A friendship will deepen and become stronger with the passage of time.

  • Let Them Know That Friends Are Like Elevators

Once children understand that friends are like elevators, they will understand the importance of a good friend in their life. Teach them the difference between good and bad friends and suggest to them to avoid the latter as they can very quickly drag one down. Even if your children can’t understand the difference at first, keep on encouraging them to cultivate good friendships which will help them grow as an individual.

  • Involve Them In Various Activities

If you want to ensure the overall development of your children, look for a nursery in Horley where they will be engaged in various activities with their classmates. Understand your children’s passion and let them spend more time doing what they love. This is considered to be the best place where they can meet new children sharing similar interests. You can also enrol them in a sports club even if they don’t play like a professional. Your primary focus should be on involving them in various activities where they can be part of a team.

  • Teach Them How To Resolve Conflicts

In Horley, a nursery is one of the places where your children can develop a difference with their peers which can lead to a conflict. This is why you should teach them not only how to avoid conflict but also how to handle and resolve them. Let them understand the various stages of conflict and how to resolve them in a healthy manner. Once a child learns this skill, it becomes easier for them to maintain the friendship they have established. It’s time your children start following the tips stated above if they are willing to make new friends in school.

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