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There is nothing better than getting hands-on learning experience, especially with Mother Nature as the teacher! The growing popularity of farm or eco nursery schools has its fair share of reasons. The concept, still, is considered to be a fad by many, but when we dig deeper into the history, we can find about its strong existence during the 1900’s across Scandinavia, where learning amidst the luscious greens of nature gave individuals an amazingly wholesome experiences of self-development for the entire lifetime.

Eco Nursery Schools

Well, if the very first thought of distance occurs as a constraint in your minds, then it is important for you to know here that the school does not necessarily require to be held in the jungles; rather they are mostly set up across grassy parks to beaches. Another positive facet of it is that the sessions of this school is held nearly all year long and therefore any child can get enrolled in it.

Connecting Children With Nature

The exposure to nature you got as a child  is very different now. With so much interference of technological wonders in daily lives, children mostly follow their parents who are busy with their digital gadgets all day long for professional commitment as well as leisure. As a result, the children today are growing tech-savvy, forgetting the connection to nature and its wonders.

Forest nurseries, therefore, are set up to bridge that gap between them. Many studies have revealed that 1 in every 9 children have not set foot in a park in 2019 and the time now, calls for reversal of this unfortunate figure!

Delving Deep Into The Principles Of Forest School

Agreed by the UK Forest School Community, an eco farm school follows the major principles jotted down below:

  • Forest school is a prolonged process marked by regular sessions and not infrequent participation. Each session is linked by a cycle of review, adaptation, observation and planning.
  • Forest School takes place in a natural environment that supports the development of the relationship between the natural world and the learners.
  • Forest Schools follow a learner centric approach for learning, developing and creating community.
  • Forest School promoted holistic growth in the learner through creativity, independence, confidence, resilience and involvement.
  • Forest School provides the learner the scopes to take risk and adapt to the environment.
  • Forest School is conducted and run by experienced and qualified practitioners who continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge to offer wholesome learning.

Enroll your pre-school eligible child to Portfield Farm Eco Nursery & Forest School. Contact us today to know more about our sessions and programs.

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