How To Keep Nursery Children Busy Over The Winter Holidays?

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Winter is officially here in the UK! Students, as usual, are eagerly waiting for their winter vacation to begin. And, like most parents, you too must be wondering about how to keep your child eventful over the holidays. Stressed about what to do, especially as the parent of a toddler? Well, simply engage children studying in nursery in Reigate by introducing fun activities!

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The holidays are the perfect time to bond with your children and loved ones. But, it can also be a stressful period when toddlers misbehave owing to boredom. So, it is always advisable for parents to put some advanced planning into the holiday season. Many parents choose to enrich this break and keep the little ones out of mischief. Also, it will keep their mind and bodies active even when the school is on a break.

Here’re a few awesome ideas to keep toddlers busy this holiday season.

For Parents Of Children In Nursery In Reigate: 4 Ideas To Keep Your Child Engaged During The Holidays

  • Solve Creative Puzzles

Why should you stick to those regular puzzles when interesting ones can be made on own! All you need is some old cereal boxes for this activity. Take a cereal box, cut out its front panel and divide it into squares of tiny sizes. Give them to your toddler and ask him/her to put the pieces together till he/she assembles the front section successfully. Not only will this keep your child busy, but also be a great learning experience.

  • Make Gardening A Hobby

Never let the chilly weather be an obstruction to your child enjoying the outdoors. Gardening is a fantastic way to keep children busy on a regular basis. Moreover, it’s the perfect way to ensure children get some sun in the cold winter weather. Turn the boring chore of watering trees interesting for your little one by growing flowering plants. Also, you can grab some mud, empty pots and seeds to teach your child gardening basics.

  • Unleash Your Child’s Creativity

When in nursery in Reigate, it’s essential to give creativity a chance for children. The best thing you can do to your child during the winter break is to leave him/her with a large cardboard box, crayons and some paint. Let your child use his imagination and creativity to prepare something out of the box. This can be an abstract art, a car, an aquarium, anything. Keep in mind that the most significant thing here is allowing your child to unleash his/her artistic side.

  • Play Treasure Hunt Indoors

If you think it’s too cold to indulge in outdoor activities, keep him/her busy with an indoor treasure hunt. Just choose a spot indoors and take the endeavour to hide miniature objects roughly around the room. Once you complete hiding, prepare a list of objects which you child needs to search for. You can use your own creativity to make sketches which act as clues for your child. Time to make the most of the winter break!

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