How to Make Exercising a Fun Activity for Children?

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As grownups, we can barely push ourselves to exercise regularly. When it is so difficult to get ourselves out there, imagine how hard it is to motivate children to develop the practice of exercising. Even though every nursery in Reigate has exercise activities for children on their curriculum, it is not easy to make the child like and enjoy those.  So what to do?

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Four ways to make it exciting for the little ones

1. Choose an exercise they enjoy

There is no point in forcing child to do something they would never experience. Every kid has something that they would find fun – it is your responsibility as a parent or guardian to understand what it is. It can be:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Skating
  • Any other sports that are suitable for children

2. Make it exciting

If an organized exercise is not to your child’s liking, merely running in the park or skipping can also do the trick. But remember to try and make it exciting so that the child do not consider it as ‘work‘ but ‘play‘. You can create impromptu games where the rules are to skip 50 times to unlock the next level, or a treasure hunt includes reaching 20 spots around the park which will make them run.

3. Dress them in fun clothes

Buy them athletic gear in their favourite colours or with pictures of characters they love on them. Disney princesses or superheroes or cartoon characters are widely available and very popular too. They will be comfortable to wear, and your child will try and find an excuse to wear them.

4. Take part in the exercise sometimes

We understand you are tired like every other parent out there. But once in a while, you can also participate in the activity with your child. It will turn into a lovely parent-kid thing where your child will get their exercise, and you also get to spend quality time with them.

Portfield Farm is a leading nursery in Reigate which is carving a niche in the world of child’ education. Their all-comprehensive take on the overall growth and development of child involves not only classroom studying but lots of outdoor activities and opportunities of social bonding as well. All motivators aside, make sure to acknowledge and appreciate what they are doing. It might not be perfect or what you expected initially, but positive regard from you will push them to do it better next time for sure.

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