How To Prepare Your Child Before Starting Preschool: 4 Useful Tips

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With the new academic sessions starting just around the corner, are you planning to enrol your child in a preschool? Great! Sending your child to a reputed preschool in Horley can provide a solid foundation for your child’s bright academic career.

prepare your child for preschool

But, are you worried about the fact that your children might not be ready for nursery school yet? Fret not! All you need to do is prepare your toddler for pre-school.

Whether your children have always been at home or been in day-care since an infant, there comes a time when you should think about enrolling your children in a preschool. In the next few months, your preschooler will develop several new skills, make new friends, gain independence and confidence. But, how do you prepare for your toddler for this new phase of his/her life?

Here’s how you can prepare your child for pre-school.

Easy Ways To Prepare Your Toddler For The Best Preschool in Horley

  • Encourage Independence

Socially skilled children learn from their parents and elders who have confidence in their children’s ability to soothe themselves in challenging situations. So, never rush to rescue your children in every difficult situation since children learn from their achievement as well as missteps. Children get encouraged when they are allowed to make appropriate choices, or at least, to learn from their mistakes. So, ensure you encourage your child to become independent with self-care skills.

  • Cultivate Social Skills

Attending preschool is all about socialisation and this is the reason why social readiness and not academic readiness, must be your propriety. When planning to enrol your child in a nursery, consider questions like – Can your youngster stay away from you? Is he/she moving out of diapers? Have your children participate in plenty of play-dates before the first day of pre-school so that he/she learns essential social skills like taking turns, sharing, playing with peers.

  • Promote Emotional Readiness

The emotional inclination is another essential social skill which should be cultivated when starting preschool in Horley. It is believed that emotional readiness is necessary to help toddlers recognise and process all kinds of emotions healthily. Whenever children exhibit strong emotions, it’s best not to undermine, judge or devalue them. Since preschoolers have difficulty in understanding emotions, putting certain labels on their feelings can make them feel out of control in such situations.

  • Develop Communication Skills

Listening and talking are very valuable for pre-school success and parents get numerous opportunities to develop their children’s language skills. Whether it’s talking about daily activities, discussing what’s there in a room or chatting about what’s there for lunch, parents can expand their children’s vocabulary by introducing new expressions and words. Since children are always curious and excited to learn more, teachable moments can come from things they are interested in or from the child’s own observation of things. Since you now know how to prepare your child for preschool, what are you still waiting for? Start prepping up for a bright future!

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