Know Why Nursery Rhymes Are An Integral Part Of Primary Education

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The World Nursery Rhyme Week will be celebrated from November 16th to 20th this year. Nursery and preschools scattered all over Redhill are trying their level best to make the event memorable and enjoyable by getting everyone involved. Nursery rhymes play a very important role in early childhood development. The rhymes and songs are fantastic tools to sharpen the learning skills of your child. It has almost become an essential part of their everyday learning. There are even a few popular nursery rhymes which are ingrained in our culture.

Nursery Rhymes Primary Education

4 More Ways Nursery Rhymes Can Benefit Your Child

Improve Communication And Language Skills

With every new nursery rhyme a child learns, they are introduced to new words and phrases. They can pick up vocabulary faster because of the repetitive nature of the rhymes. Ask children to read out the rhymes loudly so that they can themselves hear how the words sound. The more they practice the rhymes, they can pronounce the words more prominently. They will also learn how a variation in the volume, pitch, rhythm and inflection can change the meaning of a word.

Develop Reading Skills

If you have enrolled your child in a nursery school where they have just started learning how to read, you can develop their reading skills with nursery rhymes. It develops one’s phonic skills which helps them determine letter sounds better. They can identify the correct sounds through rhyming words. The repetition of similar words improves their memory skills. When a child reads a nursery rhyme, they are not just learning new words but indirectly developing their reading skills.

Improved Creative Writing Skills

Not everyone enrolling their child in a preschool in Redhill is aware of the fact that the rhymes they learn during their early childhood help in improving their creative writing skills. Experienced teachers can make the process of teaching rhymes easy and fun-filled for the children. Some of them even structure the rhyme like a short story with a beginning, middle and end. Some of the rhymes include literary devices like onomatopoeia and alliteration.


Improve Physical Development

If you want to improve the physical development of a child through nursery rhymes, let them take part in drama and dance during The World Nursery Rhyme Week. Children will act out and learn how to demonstrate various characters and events in the rhymes by staging the play. When children use their body to express the different words in a poem, their hand-eye coordination improves and a connection develops between their senses. These being said, you now know the various ways nursery rhymes can benefit your child. Let experienced teachers at the preschool teach them rhymes in a stimulating and caring environment with a focus on their overall development.

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