Make This Easter Happier For Your Toddler With 5 Fun Activities

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Every parent living in Reigate will agree with the fact that children better off at a nursery rather than staying at home. The right preschool or nursery can help them acquire new skills that help in their social and mental development. Parents can stay assured that their students will not only be in safe hands but also happier. Let the teacher keep your children engaged with some fun activities for Easter.

Few Fun Activities To Make Your Toddler Happier This Easter

  • Easter Egg Decoration

Though decorating an Easter egg looks quite complicated, it is actually not so. Just enrol your children in a reliable preschool in Reigate and they will teach them some cool tips to make the task easier. Decorating eggs will not only keep them busy but also explore their creative side. Improving their dexterity will also become easier. Let them get messy while they dip their hands in various paints and glitters. If they are fussy about the texture on the egg, help them choose one.

  • Treasure Hunt

The Easter Treasure hunt is indeed quite adventurous. Just create some rabbit paw prints in bright colours and hide them in various places in your nursery and garden. Let the children find them before they reach their chocolate treat. Just make sure that they are offered sweet foods in small amounts and don’t make it a regular part of their everyday food.

  • Pin The Tail

Pinning the tail on the Easter Bunny is something your children will definitely love. The game is quite similar to the one they have learned in their childhood. But this time they will be pinning the tail on the Easter Bunny instead of the donkey. Let your children find the correct place where they can stick or attach the tail of the bunny. The fun quotient of the game will enhance even further when they play in a group.

  • Egg And Spoon Race

Since there are high chances for the weather to get warmer and sunnier on Easter Sunday, this is the right time to engage your children in the egg and spoon race. This is one of the fun activities they will love playing in the playground outside their nursery in Reigate. Let them run freely in the garden while they play the race with their peers.

  • Visit The Park

If there is a park near the nursery or preschool, Easter is the right time to introduce them to the outside world. Let them enjoy a walk in the park with their peers. With spring fast approaching, let them spend their time watching and counting the daffodils and tulips they get to see on the way. Though there are so many fun activities your children can enjoy this Easter, make sure they get sufficient rest and relax when they reach home from the nursery.

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