The Role of Preschool in Your Child’s Formative Years

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Every parent wants to provide their child with the best care possible. If you are a parent, you must already know that one of the biggest concerns of parents is the education of their child. The early years of growth, until the age of five years, are critical to the overall development of a child. It even lays an influence on the future and career of your child. This is where a preschool comes in the scene.

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While some parents might think of home-schooling as an option, opting for a specialised institution like a preschool or a nursery school can not only be a more beneficial option, but also a more sustainable one.

The role of preschools in the early years

The early years of a child, that is from 1 to 5 years of age, is one of the most important times for development of a child. This development is not just physical. The basis of the overall mental development of a child also happens during these years.

The experience of a child during these years tends to be the primary base of brain and character development. The neural connections of some of the most important functions of the brain is established at this time. These include language, reasoning and problemsolving, social skills, behaviour and emotional health.

These factors lay a long-lasting influence on a child’s future, and his/her future life. This makes preschools and nurseries extremely important and a key factor in a child’s life. In fact, studies have shown that children who start preschool below the age of three years have ” better intellectual attainment and peer relationships.”

Studies have also shown children to have a cognitive advantage once they start attending nurseries at an early age. Along with behavioural development, preschools also help in the academic excellence of children. Research shows that students attending nurseryschools inReigatehave significantly higher GCSE scores and overall better academic performance in their future years.


The approach of preschools in a child’s development

That being said, let us take a look at the key ways, a nursery in Reigate impacts the overall development of a child:

  • Structured and purposeful learning process
  • Balance between play and studies
  • Appropriate learning strategies and teaching techniques
  • Encouragement of an attitude of curiosity and learning.
  • Establishing the child’s disposition towards learning and academics in a positive manner.
  • Self-initiated and guided play rooms for children
  • Appropriating social interaction skills and building peer relationships as well as other relationships.
  • Enlightening parents about their role in a child’s early years of development.
  • Developing a child’s confidence and skills in various academic and non-academic fields.
  • Problem solving skills and learning the ways of the world in an appropriate manner.

If you are looking for complete and comprehensive physical and mental development of your child, Portfield Farm Eco Nursery and Forest School is one of the best preschools in Reigate and will lead your child to a brighter future through their advanced learning strategies and teaching techniques conducted by expert teachers and child specialists.

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