Want Nursery Students To Learn Through Play? 4 Activities For Them

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Playing is necessary to ensure the well-being of your children as they can learn through play. You can engage them in various activities during their early learning age. Not only will it help them understand their self-worth but their power to concentrate will also become stronger. They can hone their social interaction skills and the process of scientific thinking will start. Playing is more vital for young children than you think. It helps in developing their emotional intelligence and language skills.


Few Activities You Can Engage Nursery Students So They Can Learn Through Play

  • Sand Play

Try to engage your children in sand play and it will become the foundation of their scientific learning. It helps in developing their physical strength and boost their self-confidence. As children scoop, dig, pour or sift the sand, they will learn how things work. It will build their muscles and coordination skills. Encourage your child to play with their friends and they will learn teamwork and sharing.

  • Water Play

Just like sand play, water play is an ideal opportunity for your children to start the process of scientific learning. They can experiment with water in a safe environment. Just make sure they are under adult’s supervision and the volume of water is according to their height and age. Water play is widely preferred by teachers in a preschool as it helps children learn the consequences of actions and hand-eye coordination.

  • Play Dough

Play dough is one of the few activities which has vast learning potential. It makes their fingers strong and prepares them for writing in their next standard. It will also teach them hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Teachers in their nursery school can even engage them in fine-motor exercises by adding a few beads to the dough. It will add some extra play-value.

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  • Role Play

It is not only about children in Reigate but children from all over the world love dressing up. Give them a few props and let them explore their imagination skills. The role play will let you know whether they are more eager to become a doctor, a chef or an astronaut. It will boost their social interaction skills as well. Time to engage your children in the activities stated above and they can learn through play.

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