What Early Childhood Education Does The Best Nursery School Provide?

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Is your child aged 3-5? Thinking of enrolling your children in a nursery? Great! Sending your child to a leading Redhill nursery can provide a great foundation for learning, both academically and socially. But, are you perplexed about how to make sure your child receives only the best care? Read on.

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Early Years Foundation Stage or EYFS framework is created by the Department for Education to ensure children receive only the best care in pre-schools. It is a curriculum for children who are three to five years old. The most recent EYFS framework includes 7 vital areas which should be developed in preschool care. Wondering what this framework includes?

Here’s everything you need to know.

7 Key Skills Children Learn At The Best Redhill Nursery

The skills specified in the EYFS framework are broken down into two groups – the Prime areas and Specific areas.

3 Prime Aspects Of Education

  • Physical Development

From jumping, running, playing with balls and balancing, children are given lots of opportunities to move in various ways. Another vital aspect of physical development at this phase is learning how to hold, use tools and also how to use pens and pencils to draw shapes and lines. Children even start understanding how to be healthy.

  • Communication

A major area of a child’s learning in the nursery is communication. Children spend a lot of time sharing stories, rhymes and playing games. This helps in the development of their listening and speaking skills. Children are encouraged to listen carefully, develop concentration as well as respond to instructions and questions. This will help them in sharing ideas and experiences to take part in conversations.

  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Another main aspect of a child’s time at the pre-school will be focusing on their personal, emotional and social development. Children are encouraged to develop positive relationships, understand the feelings of others and play with a variety of friends. They get abundant opportunities to build self-awareness, confidence and also to manage their behaviour and feelings.

4 Specific Areas Of Development

  • Mathematics

At the best Redhill Nursery, children are given numerous opportunities to explore both shapes and numbers in their play. They are encouraged to count the objects they are playing with and compare the two groups of objects.

  • Literacy

Literacy starts from learning to link letters and sounds, to learning to read and write. Children are provided with an extensive range of reading materials like books and poems to ignite their passion for reading and writing.

  • Expressive Arts

As a part of early childhood education, pre-schools explore and develop children’s creativity and imagination. Children get to explore different media and materials and are encouraged to use their imagination in numerous different experiences.

  • Understanding The World

Children learn about the world around them and they are encouraged to use equipment and simple technology. Not only do children get to explore their sense of the physical world, but also their community, including technology, environment, people and places. Enrol your child to the best nursery for his/her early childhood education!

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