Why is Math Important in Preschool Curriculum?

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Children in preschool learn a lot of things in an unconventional manner. This includes literature, math and science in different formats. 

If you think that your kid does not need to learn math in his preschool, you must rethink. From brushing the teeth till going to bed at night – math is everywhere in your little one’s life. They will get a great scope to learn math in their preschool while learning other things.


All the reputed nursery schools in Redhill follow a certain curriculum of mathematics to teach your toddlers.

Importance of Math in Preschool

Since your kids will come across mathematical calculations on different occasions in their lives, it is better to prepare them from the earliest stage. In fact, science has proven that mathematics greatly influences the development of a child’s brain. 

How Can Math Influence Your Child

Children between the age group of one to five explore the world around them in different ways. They see, touch, compare and count objects. Kids explore different patterns, shapes and sizes of different objects. They also experience different patterns and sizes of the same objects. 

Preschool math helps them in understanding these differences. They learn to compare and count with the help of simple math skills. Preschool math makes the problem-solving process easier and more convincing for them. They find it fascinating when they add smaller numbers with the bigger ones and get the correct answer.

Different Aspects of Maths in Preschool Learning

  • Numeracy
  • Measurement
  • Shapes
  • Size
  • Comparison
  • Classifications

A reputed and reliable nursery school or preschool will adopt and follow all these categories while teaching their little students maths. They will help them to create a basic idea of math and calculation in their brain which will help them to feel the subject overall exciting and useful in their daily life.


Role of Parents

Parents should follow the curriculum applied in preschool to help their children learn math at home too. They should allow their kids to use their skills and imagination to learn math through various games and activities.  Portfield Farm is a trusted Eco Nursery & Forest School located in Redhill. We offer our teaching process for children who belong to the 0 to 5 age group. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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