Why Is The Lockdown The Best Time To Prepare Your Pre-Schooler?

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If you are one of those parents who think that preparing your pre-schooler for their admission in a nursery will become challenging because of the lockdown, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Utilise the time to work on their skills and your little ones will become ready for school once the government lifts the lockdown. You can also utilise your time to find the best preschool in Redhill for your kid.

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Why Do I Have To Prepare My Pre-Schooler For School?

Once your pre-schooler starts going to school, it is a big transition for them. In fact, joining a school after a lockdown is more challenging for a new student than older students. The latter already has friends and share a cordial relationship with his teachers. If you want to ensure the proper development of your child, make sure they love going to school. Try to strengthen the bond he shares with his friends and teachers. The latter is largely responsible for the social and emotional development of your child. The better your pre-schooler is prepared to go to school, the transition will become easier for him.

How To Prepare Your Child For Pre-School?

Just choosing the best nursery in Redhill for your kid isn’t sufficient. You also have to teach him how to interact with his peers, follow a routine and develop an initial understanding of their academic curriculum. Though they should feel independent, show them the right way to engage with their peers and others at school. Not every parent is aware of the fact that the phonics skills of their child won’t suffer because of the gap they are experiencing due to the lockdown. Don’t hurry to prepare your child for pre-school. Rather, give them adequate time to become ‘school-ready’.

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What To Do If Your Child Refuse To Wait?

While some parents are worried about how to prepare their pre-schoolers for school, others are having a tough time to keep their children at home. They have seen their siblings going to school and can’t wait to follow their footsteps. Some are even familiar with the classroom surroundings and refuse to understand why staying home during the pandemic is so important. The best you can do to keep them entertained during the lockdown is by allowing them to spend more time in the playground or your garden. Just make sure you accompany your child instead of allowing him to play with others.

These being said, you now know how to prepare your child for pre-school after the lockdown ends.

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