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As a parent, you need to be highly careful about making decisions for the growth of your children. This is not limited to their physical or bodily growth. It includes their mental, emotional, social and educational growth as well. Sending your child to the nursery in Redhill is one of the significant decisions that you should take to ensure not only the educational but also the correct emotional, social and mental growth of your child.

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Benefits of Sending Children to Preschool

  • Prepare Your Child for Schools

Preschools or nurseries are the best place to prepare your children for their schools after one or two years. Usually, the schools have more students than the nursery could have. Once they get familiar with the idea of sitting with other children, sharing books, toys and tiffin, then it would become easier for them to get mingled in the ambience of the school where the number of children is more than the preschools. Besides, they will have a concept about the teacher-student relationship, books, lessons, and everything else that they will see and receive in schools in future. They will get familiar with the environment of school while attending their preschool.

  • Improve Their Cognitive and Motor Skill

The ambience, as well as the curriculums of the nurseries, are prepared to support the cognitive as well as the motor skill of your children. They will play and learn together. In fact, in playschools or preschools, playing with different objects is considered as the primary medium of learning. These schools have various accessories and playing equipment that support children’s indoor and outdoor activities. Besides some of these preschools also have wide lawns where the children can play and enjoy nature. These activities help the children to stay fit and learn about team spirit as well. 

  • Encourage their Interest Towards Learning Math and Language

Young children have a keen interest in pre-math and pre-literacy learning. They are curious about numbers and alphabets as well as letters. They learn how to execute tasks as per the instructions like assembling their toys or selecting the right colour or helping their friends in a certain task. Counting the numbers and applying simple math in their daily life makes their interest strong in mathematics and calculation, which will help them in school. They learn new words, opposite words and synonyms as well.

  • Children Make New Friends

Probably this is the best thing a child can get in a preschool. He or she makes new friends and improve his or her social skills. In this present time, when most of the homes have nuclear families, playschool plays a vital role in developing the social skill of the children. When your child attends a nursery in Redhill, he will get the chance to meet other kids of his age. They meet daily and start developing a bond with each other. They meet their teachers and know how to behave with them.

Portfield Farm is one of the most excellent nurseries located in the Redhill area. Unlike the conventional preschools, here your child will learn to grow with nature and wild animals. This is the best forest school and eco nursery of its kind in this location.

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